Help you to understand sKCS.


Also known as Annual Percentage Yield, APY refers to the compounded returns that you get on your investments over a period of one year. In DeFi, the value of APY changes widely based on different factors and can change quickly. It is different than APR, which means "Annual Percentage Rate" and represents the returns of an investment over one year without compounding.

Staking APY is denominated in terms of sKCS, not USD. The calculation is based on the sKCS/KCS exchange rate 2 days ago, it is not a guaranteed or promised return or profit.

Staking APY = (exchange price at this time - exchange price 48 hours ago)*180*100%

Pending amount

Pending amount means the sKCS unstaking is under processing, the period takes around 3-6 days to process, and you can withdraw it after that.

Available withdraw amount

Available withdraw amount means the unstaking is settle down, the withdrawable amount is net of a 10% rewards commission fee, so that the amount will totally go to your wallet once you click the 'Withdraw' button and confirm the transaction.

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