⛑️How does sKCS.io work?

When users staked KCS with sKCS, they can receive a certain percentage of sKCS representing the stake, and the balance of sKCS can earn income and lending rewards in DeFi like KCS. sKCS has no minimum deposit limit.

How does sKCS work?

When staking: Stake KCS and get sKCS. The staking rate depends on the prevailing rate. When unstaking: Burn sKCS and get KCS back. The sKCS contract will complete this operation within 3-6 days of unstaking. After users’ withdrawal, they can exchange a certain percentage of KCS back.

Staking Requirement

1⃣ Any KCS holder can participate in the staking and get sKCS staking Rewards. 2⃣ No minimum amount is required. ​ 3⃣ The amount of KCS is higher than 0. No need to be an integer. 4⃣ You can stake and unstake KCS at any time.​

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