⚒️How to Stake KCS

1.Connect the wallet (take MetaMask as an example)

Click [Connect Wallet] in the upper right corner and select one of the wallets to connect.

2.Stake KCS

Method 1: Click the [Stake Now] button on the Staking page or Home, select [Stake], enter the amount, then click the [Stake] button below the input box to stake.

Method 2: Click [Rewards Calculator] under [Home], enter the amount of KCS you want to stake, and click [Stake].

3.Get rewards.

sKCS represents your staked KCS and your rewards from KCS. You don't need to claim your rewards. Your sKCS holdings allow you to withdraw more KCS when you unstake your sKCS. Click [Staking] > [Unstake] to cancel the stake.

4.Click [Withdraw] to withdraw.


The default sKCS unstaking period takes about 3-6 days to process. The timeline is entirely dependent on the staking agreement. Everything is transparent. After applying to cancel the pledge, the amount will be displayed in "Pending Amount", and once it is displayed in "Available Withdrawal Amount", you can withdraw the KCS.

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